About Us

Our Goal.

We are a company who has dedicated to fill in a niche that in a slow paced, decaying industry still has plenty of potential, as we all become accustomed to ""instant"" messaging; lighting fast email and fast food chains in this digital age.The need for fast paced rush services has gained momentum everywhere around us specially in the most populated American cities like our hometown New York City and in a further impatient world in which every industry and business is directly influenced by instant communication methods.So our idea is simple, to provided instant on demand printing for almost all printable products, same day and as fast as an hour or two for virtually all products that we offer. Our existing product availability is vast and every day we are expanding our extensive list of printable products and services as time goes by

Before the Beginning.

Our story starts with the creation of S & D in the early 70's with 2 young men who had great enthusiasm in the graphic and visual reproductions arts, who wanted to start there own business and potentially expand it as lithography was a upcoming and popular industry with a high demand from small medium and large company's. A small shop was set up in bay ridge Brooklyn and quickly outgrew the space and had to move to a larger warehouse. As the years went by the business grew had success in its own products and quality service, years passed and as the printing industry started to downsize due to the world wide web and its perks S & D printing company slowly went from being a medium size company to a small business once again but with a great client list that kept the business running until the last owner of S & D was overwhelmed by heart disease, other health issues and decided to sell the business.

The Beginning.

We formally introduced ourselves in 2009 as a full blown full service printing company. As with some entrepreneurial ideas, it has its humble beginnings in early 2000's starting as a small home based printing company that would outsource and broker out printing jobs. Looking for different ways to expand and fulfill our customers needs, there was a trend request from many clients specially ones that were local to NYC, they were always rushing to meet a deadline ... furthermore we realized that some printing companies like us who were outsourcing and could not go anywhere else amidst large reseller competition and with larger companies controlling the wholesale products and prices leaving very little as a profit for reselling, the company decided to invest in its own equipment. After careful researching small foot print cost effective output equipment, we expanded over the next few years into two locations and with our core clients being same day and rush printing services, we now print about 95% of our own products.

The present.

In late 2012 we merged with other printing companies samedayrushprinting.com crateprint.com and yourpromoprinting.com as well as s & d printing to become a hub for fast highly custom prints. Our services include paper, card, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric, wood, leather, concrete, glass, etc with a variety of printing methods that range from traditional Lithography (Offset Printing), Digital Paper Printing, Pad Printing, Thermography (Raised Letter Printing), Foil Stamping, Sublimation, Large Format, Embossing & Stamping, Heat Press, Screen printing (Silk Screening) and a full line of finishing & binding services. All available for Same Day Printing & Rush printing services.

Preparing for Tomorrow.

We continue our quest to further develop our web technology along with the new mobile apps, our customers will have the ability to design 95% of our products as well as order all of our products online, with the system fully launched this year. If that's not impressing enough every order will be integrated using this system but the real head turner is that we have begun to look into drone delivery service which would make us a pioneer company in this field.

We will continue to strive in the future to provide the best customer support & services to our clients meanwhile standing out from all the others. Our list of clients that we have printed for and most of which are returning and constant include, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, Nissan, delta airlines, Bellator MMA, Disney, jay z, Justin Beiber, Brooklyn tabernacle, Century 21, NYC dept of finance, Fox 5, My9, Shazam, MTV, bet, consulate of Argentina, consulate of Australia, consulate of Mexico, consulate of Sweden, United Nations just to name a few.With over 40 years of experience and with a bright future ahead of us, we will continue to work with our clients to fulfill their needs in a fast paced ever changing environment. Remember, All products printed in the USA in house and on site.