About Us

Ink2Threads Printing D.B.A. started business in 2009 on 25th street as The Music Shop L.L.C. We opened as a clothing store and recording studio. We also cut vinyl and heat pressed tshirts. The demand for both stickers and shirts grew to the point we began screen printing. Our first job was shirts for Wolf Creek's road clean up crew. We cut the design with our plotter and placed a reverse sticker on a silk screen hinged to a table with door hinges. $20 screen and a heat lamp later, we finished the job. With the profits from the job we bought a table top shirt press. On the second job we completed, we purchased a flash unit. From this point we added all the equipment we needed to create the business we are today. We are now located in the West Haven Industrial park. 3035 South Scott lane unit 108. We are going on 9 years in business now. We work hard to get the job done and never sacrifice quality. We also focus on being personal. With our small crew, we have the ability to stay on the same page as our clients. We would love to earn your business! Come by and introduce yourself.