About Us

Embroidery with a Smile is the place to go for all your custom apparel needs. We are happy to do quantities from 1 to whatever quantity you need, 1 custom tee shirt,  250 Embroidery Polos  or,  500  Screen Print Jackets. We  provides Embroidery and, Screen Print  services for individuals, companies, and organizations. We can provide you with premium items of your choice use many different name brands where you will find exactly what you're looking for—from caps and bags to shirts and jackets. We’ll also stitch items you bring to us.


Unless you already have your logo digitized for stitching, we will get that done for you, we sew out all of embroidery for your approval BEFORE we put the first stitch into a garment your approval is the most important part of our service.
 Our philosophy is simple - if you're  happy, we're  happy. We fully stand behind all of our work. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.