About Us

Since 1988 – Making Great Custom Apparel, Promotional Products and Gift Items

There is a lot of power packed behind the simplest piece of custom decorated apparel — somehow it can either make you look really good… or really bad. Why is that? Custom decorated apparel has a tough job description. It is supposed to send a clear message to people and there is only one chance to do it. The first time somebody sees that hat or that shirt with your logo on it, they will immediately form an opinion about your message and that impression will be very hard (and very expensive!) to change. At the retail level, the same rule applies. We have about two seconds to entice the consumer and convince them to purchase our item above all others that we compete against.

And we all have seen the ones that shout, “Cheap. Cheap. Cheap!”. You will not find those items leaving CHILLYBEARS©.

At CHILLYBEARS©, we are very aware of the high visibility and the impact of the products we sell. That’s why we are committed, first and foremost, to making you look good.